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Albtours D recommends

  • Bleart Hotel 4stars

    Bleart Hotel 4stars, Durres

    Hotel Bleart offers to its precious guest’s standard rooms, deluxe rooms, and suites,when comfort and relax are always present.
    Price from: 21.00 EUR
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  • Tirana International Hotel 4stars

    Tirana International Hotel 4stars, Tirana

    Central and Business hotel ,with great location and profesional staff ! The hotel has in total 166 comfortable rooms.
    Price from: 39.00 EUR
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  • Mondial Hotel 4stars

    Mondial Hotel 4stars, Tirana

    Make your visit to Tirana, Albania an enjoyable experience by staying at the Hotel Mondial!
    Price from: 34.50 EUR
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  • Diplomat Hotel 4 stars

    Diplomat Hotel 4 stars, Tirana

    When planning your next trip to Albania please consider spending some time with us at the family owned and operated Hotel Diplomat located in the historic city of Tirana.
    Price from: 66.00 EUR
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  • Diplomat Fashion Hotel 4stars

    Diplomat Fashion Hotel 4stars, Tirana

    11 years of experience combined with quality, courtesy  and service to fulfill every of your needs.
    Price from: 48.00 EUR
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  • White Dream Hotel 4stars

    White Dream Hotel 4stars, Tirana

    Because white means color, new world, purity, simplicity, justice and innocence.
    Price from: 24.00 EUR
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  • Dajti Tower Belvedere Hotel 4stars

    Dajti Tower Belvedere Hotel 4stars, Tirana

    Enjoy your stay Dajti Tower Belvedere Hotel in the hart of Dajti national Park - 1420 m above the sea level!
    Price from: 41.00 EUR
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  • Arvi Hotel 4stars

    Arvi Hotel 4stars, Durres

    The hotel is near the Port of Durres and you can all administrative, business and cultural centers in 5 minutes.
    Price from: 26.00 EUR
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  • Nais Beach Hotel 3stars

    Nais Beach Hotel 3stars, Durres

    Very Nice hotel and center location !
    Price from: 24.00 EUR
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  • Adriatik Hotel 5stars

    Adriatik Hotel 5stars, Durres

    The only 5***** hotel on the city. Just 0 meters from the sea in good location.
    Price from: 36.00 EUR
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  • Internacional Hotel 3stars

    Internacional Hotel 3stars, Fier

    Internacional Hotel is located in the heart of the city of Fier, and is a very short distance from the most important institutions of the city. Internacional Hotel is a new and modern structure built in 2008.

    Price from: 39.10 EUR
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  • Dolce Vita Hotel 4stars

    Dolce Vita Hotel 4stars, Durres

    Dolce Vita Hotel offers attractive sea views, open space and nice garden for walking.  
    Price from: 34.50 EUR
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  • Vila Belvedere Hotel 4stars

    Vila Belvedere Hotel 4stars, Durres

    Hotel property is located at the tourist resort of Durres Area, 50 metres away from Adriatic beach, at Shkembi i Kavajes beach in Golem area.
    Price from: 18.00 EUR
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  • Bel Conti Hotel 4stars

    Bel Conti Hotel 4stars, Durres

    Professional service, the created comfort ability with a lot of love, the diversity of fun and entertainment.
    Price from: 21.00 EUR
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  • Osumi Hotel 3stars

    Osumi Hotel 3stars, Berat

    Hotel Osumi combines the old tradition of the historic town with the new and the modern.
    Price from: 23.00 EUR
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  • Arragosta Hotel 4stars

    Arragosta Hotel 4stars, Durres

    Situated on the beautiful beach of sand and panoramic views from all its rooms.
    Price from: 39.00 EUR
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  • Vivas Hotel 4stars

    Vivas Hotel 4stars, Durres

    The complex is situated in an ideal position to enjoy the beaches of the Adriatic Sea.
    Price from: 43.70 EUR
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  • Kalemi Hotel 3stars

    Kalemi Hotel 3stars, Gjirokaster

    Hotel Kalemi is built on a renovated house that is characteristic of Gjirokaster’ s tradition. From this house you can see the 14th century castle and the rock constructed houses typical of the historic city.
    Price from: 31.05 EUR
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  • New York Hotel 4stars

    New York Hotel 4stars, Vlore

    Hotel New York is located in a very attractive part of Vlora Bay also known as the "Cold Water" area because of the fresh water springs nearby, which empty into the clear blue waters of the Ionian sea. It is 5 km away from the city center.
    Price from: 27.50 EUR
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  • Vlora International Hotel 5stars

    Vlora International Hotel 5stars, Vlore

    Vlora International Hotel is located in city center, 50 m from the sea making the ideal place to enjoy fantastic views of the bay of Vlora.  Hotel offers convenience for tourists and also for business visitors who choose Vlora to meet their requirements.
    Price from: 33.00 EUR
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Balkan Beach Holidays

Choose from a wealth of fantastic beach holidays to our destinations within just one hour flying
time of the any European city. Head for the Adriatic most beautiful stretches of coastline in Croatia,
Bosnia and Montenegro, for Albanian yet to be discovered, miles of golden, sugary sand beaches,
or try Ohrid lake – home to one of the most beautiful lake coastline in Macedonia, not to forget
the exclusive pebbled and sandy beaches along the shores of Ionian sea, in South Albania and
North Greece.

Albtours D has put together the best sun holidays, so pack your bags and explore the amazing
sandy shores, astonishing blue waters and cloudless sunny sky. Whether you are just enjoying
the fantastic panoramic views, taking a leisurely stroll along the beach or spending long lazy days
relaxing in the warm sunshine, you’re assured of a great holiday treat. Pick from affordable, luxury,
all-Inclusive, family holidays and more.






Albania’s coastline is one of its
greatest attractions. It stretches
over 280 miles with two distinct
landscapes - the Adriatic and the
Ionian. The Adriatic has shallow 
water and long sandy beaches,
edged by coastal pines. 
The Ionian coast has smaller rocky
beaches and deeper water, where
citrus and olive trees dominate the
landscape,giving it a classic
Mediterranean appearance.
Albania is fast becoming one
of the world's most interesting 

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It's easy to forget how something so simple as a lake can bring a very real sense of calm and beauty. Not that 
serenity is all you'll get - there are loads of ways to enjoy the lake a bit more proactively by trying out 
things like water skiing and wakeboarding. Pleasant temperatures, beautiful scenery and cultural treasures make 
special Ohrid a sunny holiday you'll never forget. Enjoy the ancient Lake Ohrid, the rich history, the 
forested mountains and the great hospitality of local people.

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Located in south-eastern Europe, the tiny republic of Montenegro is a beach-lover’s paradise. It has an impressive its 200-mile coastline notches up over stunning 100 beaches. Montenegro is a land blessed by exceptional versatility and colourful contrasts with unmatched natural beauty and centuries of traditions, still visible in the small villages along the coast. Combine Montenegro's mild Mediterranean climate which boasts an average of 240 sunny days 

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Bosnia & Herzegovina



With a stunning 2,500 miles of timeless coastline comprising of spectacular beaches, secluded coves and an 
impressive collection of 1,185 islands, a beach holiday to Croatia will sure suit anyone’s taste. Whether you 
are looking for a fun filled family holiday, a romantic getaway or plain sun soaking on the beach, Croatia is the ideal place to be. The Adriatic coast of Croatia is known as 'The Coast of a Thousand Islands' and its 
idyllic sailing conditions and easy line-of-sight navigation mean that it has long been a favourite bareboat 
yacht charter location. 

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Neum is the only coastal town in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It comprises 24.5 km (15 mi) of coastline, the 
country's only access to the Adriatic Sea. Neum has steep hills, sandy beaches, and several large tourist 
hotels. Long and warm summers with short and mild winters make Neum be one of the most sun-exposed places 
within the Adriatic littoral. Due to the favorable climate, bathing and sun-bathing season extending for 
about seven months, a real health therapy is provided here: fresh and clean seaborne air, long walks along the coast, various sports activities.  
The inland area behind Neum has a rich archeological

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Gorgeous holidays in Greece have it all - warm and welcoming weather, unbelievable beaches, plus amazing 
historical sites. Crumbling columns or ancient structures can be found in the middle of the sleepiest countryside 
and the centre of the busiest town. The countryside is diverse; from lush greenery to sun baked rocks, 
you will have a stunning backdrop to your holiday. For those that enjoy fine wines and top-notch cuisine, 
there are many wonderful tastes to experience on a memorable holiday. 

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