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    • 8 Days Albania - Greece - Macedonia 2016

      8 Days Albania - Greece - Macedonia 2016,

      Discover the best highlights of these 3 countries, ALBANIA, NORTH GREECE and MACEDONIA, that set the stage for stunning architecture and archaeological sites that span the centuries, connecting contemporary cultures with those of vanished civilizations. Also get to know up close the Balkan's  famous hospitality.  

      * 2 passenger minimum.

      Price from: 1149.00 EUR
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      8 Days Albania Classic  2016

      8 Days Albania Classic 2016, Tirana

      Our Albania Classic Tour invites everyone to discover a land brimming with stunning scenery, rich cultural traditions, historical sites, treasure-filled museums, extraordinary architecture and legendary folklore. You will have the chance to meet local people who will stick on your mind for their warm and friendly approach.

      * 2 passenger minimum.

      Price from: 805.00 EUR
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      8 Days Albania - Kosovo - Macedonia  2016

      8 Days Albania - Kosovo - Macedonia 2016,

      You'’ll be amazed by the loving preservation of its most important fortresses and hospitality of local people.Our in-depth program explores the ruins of Greece-Roman sites, Byzantine basilicas and monasteries adorned in gold mosaics, exquisitely tiled Ottoman mosques, and charming red-roofed villages laced. 

      * 2 passenger minimum.

      Price from: 1149.00 EUR
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      Wine Tasting Tour 2016

      Wine Tasting Tour 2016, Tirana

      This relaxing and multi country wine tour will show travelers some of the hidden secrets of the  folks, who are so famous for its collection of vineyards and wine crafting.  We invite you to have fun, learn about the wine, take in the beautiful sights and discover the best of the wine regions and wineries in Albania, Macedonia and Kosova.

      4 passenger minimum.

      Price from: 995.00 EUR
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